The following races are playable on the server:

  • Aasimaar
  • Humans
  • Humans - Deep Imaskari
  • Elves - Sun
  • Elves - Drow
  • Elves - Moon
  • Elves - Wood
  • Elves - Wild
  • Dwarves - Duergar
  • Dwarves - Gold
  • Dwarves - Shield
  • Half Elf (Get "skilled" feat like humans, and elven weapon proficiency)
  • Half Drow (Get "skilled" feat like humans, and elven weapon proficiency)
  • Half Orc (Are granted the feat Blooded, and +1 CON. Do not take a minotaur head, this is forbidden )
  • Halfling - Strongheart
  • Halfling - Lightfoot
  • Halfling - Ghostwise
  • Genasi - Fire
  • Genasi - Air
  • Genasi - Earth
  • Genasi - Water
  • Grey Orc
  • Gnome - Rock
  • Gnome - Deep (no Slippery Defense. As a result they are ECL 2)
  • Tieflings
  • Tanarukk

Player vs Player & Races:

Several races can be treated with hostility by NPCs and players and may even be killed on sight without being treated as breaking the PvP Rules. This applies to Drow and Duergar that are on the surface, Surfacers that are in the Underdark and not in S'shamath and Grey Orcs that have not been enslaved can always be killed by civlized folk without repercussions from the authorities.

(Note: Grey Orcs are in the process of being given their own starter areas so this doesn't apply to them yet)