Shooting a wild boar in a thick wood is harder than shooting it in an open field yet the vanilla version of Neverwinter Nights 2 does not account for such matters such as trees or rocks and considers all ranged weapons equally good even for long distance shooting. The ranged combat system developed by Rasael adresses those two issues.

Player characters as well as monsters use it.

Objects on the pathEdit

The system looks for obstacles that are near the target (near meaning situated in a 4 feet cube centered on the target) and that are between the shooter and the target. Each obstacle adds some penalty :

Object type

Penalty applied

Creature Creature size (2 for medium, +1 for each size over that)
Door 2
Placeable (environment : wall, trees, rocks, chairs) 2 if no penalty, +1 to penalty otherwise

The penalty caps at 12

Distance and weapons usedEdit

There is a penalty applied if the distance to the target is great, that distance depends on the weapon used.

Weapon type

Max distance before penalty

Distance penalty formula

Heavy crossbow 35 feet (distance-35)/3
Light crossbow 26 feet (distance-26)/2
Longbow 40 feet (distance-40)/4
Short bow 30 feet (distance-30)/3
Anything else 19 feet (distance-19)/3

This penalty also caps at 12, both penalties are applied to the attack bonus.

To put things in perspective keep in mind that a fireball spell has a 20 feet radius.

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